Internet Information Gathering Questionnaire (SAMPLE)

The purpose of this questionnaire is to learn about service members usage of the Internet as a source of information.  The survey is being conducted by the Defense Department for internal information only.  Survey results will be compiled to determine how many service members use the Internet for an information source and how this information is disseminated to others.  We appreciate your assistance in answering the questions below.  Do not write your name on the form in order that the replies remain anonymous.   

Your age_____  Sex_________ Rank_________ Branch of service_____________ 

1.  How many times per week do you use the Internet? 

2.  Do you use the Internet at home?   At work?   

3.  How many minutes do you stay on-line per week? 

4.  Do you pass along information you find on the Internet? 

Using this scale, please give us your honest answers on the following questions 

5-Strongly agree 4-agree 3-undecided 2-disagree 1-strongly disagree 

I search the internet for information because..... 

5.  I want to learn more about my job     _____________ 

6.  I learn opposing viewpoints concerning the military  _____________ 

7.  I want to learn the truth about military issues   _____________ 

8.  It teaches me things I do not learn on the job   _____________ 

9.  I can learn about what could happen to me at work  _____________ 

10. I like looking at all available military information  _____________ 

11. It shows me how other people feel about military issues  _____________ 

12. I just like to "surf" the internet for information   _____________ 

13. It is a habit        _____________ 

14. I feel more secure about information I receive at work  _____________ 

Good web-sites must: 

15.  have easy to read information     _____________ 

16. feature animation and video images    _____________ 

17. have fewer gimmicks and faster access    _____________ 

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