Appendix A.

1. Male or Female:

2. Age:

3. Indicate highest level of education completed (high school, 2, 4, 4+ years college)

4. Status (indicate one):  Civilian  Officer  Enlisted

5. Did you personally ask to be a webmaster?

6. What is your career field?

7. How many years of government or military service do you have?

8. Do you work alone as a webmaster or as a team?  If you have a web team, how many people are on the team?

9. How did you receive your training to be a webmaster?  (Indicate all that apply)

a. self taught
b. contracted course or seminar
c. military training
d. civilian training

10. Which guidelines do you use as a webmaster?  (indicate all that apply)

Department of Defense ____ Service specific _____ Headquarters _____ Unit _____

11. How many hours do you spend per week on your webmaster duties?

12. As a webmaster, which of all the following duties do you personally perform?  (Indicate all that
are applicable)

a. Writing text content
b. Reviewing page for approval
c. Security review
d. Design
e. Graphics
f. Photos
g. Update page

13. How often do you update your webpage?

14. How long have you been a webmaster?

15. Should the military provide formalized webmaster training?

16. What do you see as the value of a webpage?

Append B.