Rationale and Research Questions

    The DoD Web Site Administration Policy, and the policies established by each of the service components, does not specifically address providing additional resources required to accomplish this latest staff responsibility. Without additional resources, it must be assumed that PAO currently has the capability to staff, train, equip, and fund a webmaster.
    Rogersí (1983) Diffusion Theory identifies the five characteristics of an innovation that enhances adoption. Clearly, webmaster training meets all five characteristics. A trained webmaster would be a clear advantage over an untrained webmaster. Practical training permits creativity and trialability. The products of a trained webmaster would be immediately observable and distinguishable. Finally, training on web page design would reduce complexity and improve compatibility when new technology is introduced.
    To ensure web pages meet DoD and service component guidance, webmasters should be Public Affairs professionals trained in the review of information, computer technology, and web page design.

    This research answers the following research questions regarding the current state of DoD military webmasters:
    RQ1.  Are Public Affairs Offices currently performing webmaster duties?
    RQ2.  How are webmasters selected and trained?
    RQ3.  Is there a need to institute formal webmaster training?

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