Stage II: Experiment
     The second stage of the experiment concentrates on military leaders attending leadership schools.  The premise behind using military servicemembers attending those schools is twofold.  First, those students are or will be leaders and therefore more influential in word and deed.  Secondly, identifying and affecting their perceptions is beneficial because of their future roles in the military. 
Prior to conducting the experiment, the video treatment will be validated using a focus group of instructors from the Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Quantico, Va..  The Basic School was chosen because, unlike the other service schools, the instructors are from varied career fields making them more representative of the population.  The aim of the validation is to ensure the desired messages are communicated in the three-video treatment.  The focus group of approximately 12 subjects will be exposed to the messages and then asked to complete a brief questionnaire about what they saw.
Once the validity of the video is confirmed, this experiment will use a pre-test/post-test design with a treatment administered to one group of servicemembers, while the control group receives no treatment.  The experiment will analyze the findings from the surveys and provide solutions to change perceptions for utilizing public affairs. 

     Participants are service members attending the Army’s Combined Armed Staff Services School, The Basic School for Marine officers, The Squadron Officers School for Air Force officers, and the Naval Training Leadership Continuum. The Combined Armed Services and Staff School consists of senior lieutenants and captains in the Army and Army reserves.  The school prepares the students for various staff positions throughout the military.  The school is held at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and lasts for six weeks.

     The Basic School generally enrolls second lieutenants in the Marine Corps.  The school prepares Marines for duty as infantry platoon commanders.  The school is at the Marine Corps Combat Development Command, Quantico, Virginia and lasts for six months.

     The Squadron Officer School is for Air Force captains and it is designed to improve the professional competence of its company-grade officers.  The seven-week course is at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

     The Naval Leadership Training Continuum for chief petty officers is a two-week leadership course.  The course prepares Navy CPOs to take on senior leadership roles in the Navy.  The experiment will take place at Naval Base San Diego.

     Specifically, the participants will be two platoons, of about 35 servicemembers in each, from one class at each course.  Participants will vary in age, education, background and military experience as these courses stipulate a variety of requirements. 



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