Appendix B



Release 99-14
Feb. 18, 1999

 OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE, Neb.—Following criminal proceedings at the Omaha County Court today, two Offutt Air Force Base noncommissioned officers were convicted of rape.  Staff Sergeant Ronald R. Blake, 29, and Technical Sergeant William G. Mueller, 31, assigned to the 76th Maintenance Squadron, 15th Fighter Wing were sentenced to nine years in prison.
     Working closely in conjunction with local authorities, the two airmen were detained by military officials Jan. 3, after assaulting an Omaha girl at the Cedar Springs Park.
     Brigadier General Charles B. Nash, 15th Fighter Wing commander, privately offered condolences to the victim and her family today.  In a letter to the mayor, Nash expressed his sincere regret and emphasized his commitment to ensure civil and honorable relationships continue to exist between all members of society.
    “As a parent, brother, and neighbor, I feel the pain within our community, said Nash.”  “Fortunately, the unacceptable actions of a few people are the exceptions of our society.  I appeal to the entire Omaha community and ask everyone to reflect on the peaceful and committed partnership we have shared over the years.  Together, we will continue our longstanding friendship.”



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