Joint Course in Communication Class 99D

As a culmination of the eight week course, students work in teams to integrate communication research, theory, strategies and tactics into a tool for solving a particular military related problem. The Capstone projects reemphasize all of the lessons learned throughout the course, and are formally presented in a public meeting during the final week of the course. In addition to an oral presentation to faculty of the course and a formal paper, students are required to develop a web page as part of the Capstone experience. Click here to view the Capstone Project web sites constructed by recent classes.

Past students can order transcripts from the University by mail (1000 Asp, Room 330 Norman, OK 73019) or by FAX (405-325-7047). Transcripts ordered by mail are free while transcripts ordered by fax have a $10 service fee. Documentation containing the following information must be received with each transcript request:

full name (Note: Students using more than one name during the academic period must furnish a complete list of these names in order to avoid delays.)
student ID number or Social Security number
date of birth
date(s) of attendance at the University and/or graduation date
number of transcripts requested
address(es) where transcripts are to be mailed and the number of copies to each address (if applicable). phone number and address to contact in the event more information is needed.
Signature--A transcript can not be processed without the signature of the student. This must be an original signature. Computer generated signatures are not sufficient to meet federal legislation.
An official transcript will be mailed in response to all mail and FAX requests within 3 to 5 working days upon receipt of a completed request containing the above information (including SIGNATURE). For more information on transcripts please visit the University transcript administration web site.