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The National Diversity Recruitment Model

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion partners with the office of Admissions & Recruitment to create a five-point plan with the goal of increasing OU’s recruitment of students from underrepresented schools. 

Objective One

Work closely with the current National Recruitment Regional Offices. This will include establishing and building relationships with underrepresented schools across the country, collaborating on communication to local school officials, and creating opportunities to further engage with schools recommended by national recruiters. 

Objective Two

Works closely with the National Scholars Programs office to build a strategy to attract a diverse pool of scholars.

Objective Three

Recruitment of non-resident National Award Scholars. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion works closely with Diversity Enrichment Programs in an effort to continue to attract top non-resident National Award Scholars. In addition, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion assists in the selection of non-resident National Award scholarship recipients. 

Objective Four

Collaborates with the Diversity Enrichment Programs and National Recruitment teams to  coordinate recruitment strategies. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion also works with the Alumni Association and appropriate members of the Admissions and Recruitment Office in the planning of strategic recruitment efforts.

Objective Five

Additionally, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion works with the Office of Admissions and Recruitment and other senior staff to create a culture where diversity recruitment is part of the fabric of what the department values and targets. The focus of every objective will be to identify means outside of the traditional recruitment strategies to build relationships within communities as well as plan and execute targeted recruitment opportunities.



C. Don Bradley serves Associate Dean of Recruitment Services and Director of National Diversity Initiatives.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion
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