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90 Years 1929-2019

Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education: 1929-2019


We would love to hear about your memories from time spent at OU and in the College of Education.

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Headshot of Faith Kelly Clune

Early Childhood Education, 1988

What is your favorite memory of your time in the college of education?
My favorite memory is teaching in the Institute of Child Development. It was a lovely, white two-story house which was located where the parking garage behind Catlett Music Center is today. We got so close to our other early childhood peers as we did student teaching there together. Our professor, Dr. Joanne Hendrick, supervised us and taught alongside us. Those were some rich learning experiences for all of us; true hands on learning for the children AND for us. 

Headshot of Shannon Ford Garrett

Elementary Education, 1991

What would be a piece of advice you would like to share with a future Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education graduate?
My advice is to be open to learning new things and new ways of teaching.  You are always a student, so use the teachers around you. They are a great resource. Ask questions!!

What is your favorite memory of your time in the college of education?
My favorite memory would probably be doing my student teaching at Eisenhower Elementary. I feel that’s when I really learned how I wanted to teach and to model my classroom. I had the best role models at that school. It was open concept, so I was able to observe many teachers.

Headshot of Cynthia Hudson Reed

Special Education, 1976

Since I graduated almost 43 years ago I have few distinct memories. I do recall my Science for the Elementary School class (EDUC 3192). The class was populated with football players, and the tasks performed and studied certainly were within the elementary curriculum. Once I brought my daughter to class (she was 7) and she enjoyed sitting on the lab table and being the center of attention and experiments! One of my other classes included one of the Selmon brothers who played football. He was a gentle giant of outstanding character and demeanor, and I often thought what a wonderful teacher of young children he would be. 

Overall I felt I was very well prepared to teach. Everything I learned about being a teacher came from my years at OU. Later years doing credential and master's degree work in California did not compare in the depth and breadth of information presented and gained in the OU School of Education.

Elementary Education, 2016

Did you have a favorite professor in the college?
Three professors stand out in my memory: Destiny Warrior, Kelly Lynch, and Aiyana Henry. Destiny was extremely relatable. She never sugar-coated any of the realities of teaching in Oklahoma, but she was always there to offer an encouraging word or a hot meal. Kelly was constantly uplifting. I was never able to have a bad day when I was in her class. Dr. Henry was and still is an inspiration. She demanded excellence from us as her students and helped us reach our highest potential. She had us to her house multiple times during our Internship semester and always let us know that her office and her home were open to any of her students who needed a listening ear.


Photo of Kara Kelly Blansett

Business Education, 1970

What would be a piece of advice you would like to share with a future Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education graduate? 
Today’s educators must be prepared to teach students from many different backgrounds.  It is imperative that their teacher preparation courses cover a broad range of subjects and experiences. I strongly urge future educators to learn a foreign language, to study abroad and to be creative in their thinking about how to provide meaningful learning experiences to their students. 

Photo of Cathey Simmons Humphreys

Early Childhood Education, 1990

Some of my favorite memories were teaching in the lab school on campus.  It was such a wonderful place for children and a supportive environment to try out our teaching skills.  I also enjoyed being a Student Teacher Supervisor for the College.  I got to see student teachers putting their skills to work in the classroom and I enjoyed going to many different schools.

Group photo of Amy Williams