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About Sooner Works

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About Sooner Works

The University of Oklahoma’s Sooner Works is a comprehensive integrated program for students with an intellectual or developmental disability who desire a postsecondary experience on a college campus. Sooner Works started the fall of  2019. The program is a four-year certificate program offering a college experience to prepare participants for competitive employment and independent living through a combination of coursework and career exploration. Sooner Works students live on campus and take traditional university courses in conjunction with courses specific to Sooner Works. In addition, students will participate in internships and social organizations on the beautiful University of Oklahoma campus.

Sooner Works participants possess the following characteristics:

• Basic functional understanding of literacy (writing/composition) and reading skills 
• Basic mathematics understanding and ability to use a calculator 
• Ability to function independently for a sustained period of time 
• No severe behavior or emotional problems 
• Can handle and adapt to change; is not overly stressed when things change 
• Potential to be successful in competitive employment situations 
• Desire and motivation to complete a postsecondary program 
• Be between the ages of 18-26 at the start of the program 

Think College

Sooner Works at the University of Oklahoma is affiliated with the Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment and adheres to the guidelines provided by Think College, the national postsecondary education center for individuals with intellectual disability.

Sooner Works Costs

Tuition and fees for the 2020-2021 Academic Year: 

  • Sooner Works Program Costs  $4,000 per semester

            ***Due directly to Zarrow Center Sep 1st and Feb 1st

  • Academic Tuition $3,500 *per semester (in state) or $7,000 *per semester  (out of state) - based on 10 hours of coursework.
  • Housing $5,500 *per semester
  • Meal Plan $2,500* per semester (variable)

Total     $15,500 (in state) per semester or $31,000 a year

             $19,000 (out of state) per semester or $40,000 a year 

* These prices are estimates of actual costs - The University of Oklahoma's academic tuition, housing, and meal plan fees are subject to change annually.

Currently, there is not federal financial assistance available for participants; all costs will be paid by families or outside scholarships we are not associated with. However, we are working towards gaining federal financial aid as a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) to allow students to apply for federal financial assistance.