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Instructional Psychology & Technology M.Ed

General Program Requirements | Masters Admissions

The M. Ed. degree in Instructional Psychology and Technology represents a blend of research, theory and practice which provides a focus for examining problems of instruction and learning in a variety of educational and business settings. Within the M. Ed. in Instructional Psychology and Technology the following specializations are available to students:

21st Century Teaching and Learning
Educational Psychology

Integrating Technology in Teaching
Instructional Design and Technology

The specializations share a common knowledge base but differ in specific objectives and curriculum content. All students graduating from the M. Ed. in Instructional Psychology and Technology (IPT) will demonstrate competence to:

  1. Identify and apply empirically derived principles which facilitate human learning.
  2. Apply established principles and systematic procedures in the design, development, production, implementation, and management of instructional programs.
  3. Identify and apply knowledge about learner characteristics which facilitate human learning.
  4. Apply knowledge and skills in the assessment of human learning, which involves both criterion and norm referenced testing.
  5. Read and interpret educational research and evaluation studies as intelligent consumers.

Jacqueline Goldman discusses iPad Technology Integration