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Instructional Psychology & Technology Ph.D

Doctoral Admissions | Program Requirements

The doctoral program in Instructional Psychology and Technology (IPT) is designed for persons preparing for a career in higher education research and teaching, public school research and evaluation or in business and industry.  The program has a core set of courses with flexibility for specialization.  While specializations allow students to individualize their programs around their scholarly interests, a common core commits students to an examination of the principles derived from psychology related to learning theory and an examination of principles related to the design and development of instruction.

All students graduating from the doctoral program in Instructional Psychology and Technology program will demonstrate competence to:

Identify and apply empirically derived principles that facilitate human learning.

Apply established principles and systematic procedures in the design, development, production, implementation, and management of instructional programs.

Identify and apply knowledge about learner characteristics that facilitate human learning.

Apply knowledge and skills in the assessment of human learning, which involves both criterion and norm referenced testing.

Read, analyze and evaluate the usefulness of research studies in Education with particular expertise in those studies related to issues of concern to the field of Instructional Psychology and Technology.

Develop mastery of a body of knowledge within the area of Instructional Psychology and Technology.

Present papers at professional conferences both regionally and nationally.

Apply the principles of research from both quantitative and qualitative traditions to the design and execution of research studies in Instructional Psychology and Technology.