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Educational Psychology, Instuctional Technology & Special Education

Doctorate (Ph.D. Degree) in Special Education

The OU Special Education Doctoral Program prepares students in one of three doctoral Concentration Areas: (a) Higher Education Professor, (b) School Instruction and Leadership, and (c) Higher Education and Community Support. Students consult with their advisors to develop unique plans of study related to one of the three areas that reflects their interests. Students’ create a plan of study that includes core Special Education research and elective coursework; residency research, teaching and service activities; and dissertation research. Doctoral students who enter with Masters degrees typically complete the program in four years of full-time study. Part-time students typically take five to seven years to finish.

Program Fast Facts
In addition to completing required and elective coursework, students work with faculty members on research, teach college-level courses, become involved in state and national professional organizations, and present and publish their research. Graduates of the OU Special Education Doctoral Program have become professors at universities across the country and internationally, and/or have assumed instructional leadership positions in public schools, state departments of education and other agencies.

Students Complete Six Major Steps During their Doctoral Study

  1. Admission into the program
  2. Development of the Advisory Conference Report (individualized plan of study)
  3. Development and completion of their Residency Plan (extra course teaching, research, and service requirements)
  4. Completion of the courses detailed in the Advisory Conference Report
  5. Completion of the General Exam and Defense
  6. Completion of the Doctoral Dissertation and Defense