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Educational Psychology, Instuctional Technology & Special Education

Masters in Special Education with a Non-Traditional Track to Certification


The M.Ed. program with a non-traditional track to teacher certification is a 36-credit hour  program of study designed for individuals who desire to teach students with mild/moderate disabilities in Oklahoma’s elementary or secondary schools. Although previous experience working with persons with disabilities is preferred, it is not required. If applicants have little to no previous experience with individuals with disabilities, additional field-experiences will be required which increase the number of required credit hours.


Students complete the 9-semester hour OU “boot camp” Fundamentals of Special Education on-line class and the coursework below. If individuals are not presently working with individuals with disabilities, an additional 6 hours of graduate practicum/field experiences will be needed. To qualify for certification in the State of Oklahoma, program applicants must be recommended by program faculty for certification and pass required Oklahoma teacher certification exams.

Students who successfully completed the OSDE or a district delivered boot camp will not need to take EDSP 5413, but will need to take Fundamental Academic Instructional Strategies, and Classroom Management in Special Education.

• OU Fundamentals of Special Education “Boot Camp” Sequence of Courses – 9 hours (offered each semester and summer)

• EDSP 5413: Understanding & Accommodating Students with Exceptionalities

• EDSP 5970-996: Fundamental Academic Instructional Strategies

• EDSP 5970-995: Classroom Management in Special Education

• EDSP 4053: Language, Literacy, and Communication Strategies (offered spring semester)

• EDSP 5063: Issues & Strategies in Functional Curriculum (offered spring semester)

• EDSP 5143: Applied Behavior Analysis in School (offered fall semester)

EDSP 5093: Transition and Self-Determination (offered fall semester)

 • Or

EDSP 5403: Families and Young Children with DD (offered fall semester)

• EDSP 5163: Collaboration, Accommodations and Modifications (offered spring semester)

• EDSP 5183: Advanced Assessment (offered spring semester)

~ EDSP 6123: Contemporary Issues/Research (offered spring semesters)

~ EIPT 5033: Introduction to Research and Evaluation in Education (offered fall semester)

~ EDSP 5983: Directed Project in Special Education (offered fall and spring semesters)