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Administrative Certification Programs in EACS:

In Oklahoma, administrative certificates are issued by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE).  Individuals are strongly recommended to check with the State Department for specific certification requirements.  Additionally you could directly view the OSDE website at (a contact person is listed at the bottom of the page) and click on to Administrator Certification Requirements Chart (pdf).

Principal Certification

The University of Oklahoma has an accredited program for the preparation of school principals who are part of the state alternative certification program.  Alternatively certified candidates must complete an approved administrator preparation program of study in not more than three years (Oklahoma Statutes, 70-6-189(C)).  The preparation program at OU consists of a minimum 27 graduate credit hours PLUS the successful completion of an EACS Comprehensive Portfolio.

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Superintendent Certification

The University of Oklahoma has a program for the preparation of school superintendents (Oklahoma Statutes, 70-6-189(C)) that focuses on district level educational leadership competencies.  The preparation program at OU consists of a minimum 25 graduate credit hours.

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College Teaching Certificate Program

The College Teaching Certificate is offered by the Adult and Higher Education program at the University of Oklahoma. Earning the certificate demonstrates that the participants have focused a segment of their professional and graduate training on preparing to teach at the post-secondary level. This Certificate is authorized by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and will be noted on the transcript of participants who complete the program.

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