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Master's & Doctorate in Early Childhood Education

Students who are passionate about working with young children and want to work in a preschool or early elementary classroom will find the University of Oklahoma’s nationally recognized Early Childhood Education program to be a good mixture of hands-on experience and solid theoretical education. Beginning with the first course taken in the Professional Education curriculum, students complete at least 100 hours tutoring and observing in local elementary schools and at the Institute of Child Development, located on the OU Norman campus, before they begin student teaching.

The Early Childhood Education curriculum is designed so that students can receive a bachelor of science degree in four years. Students then complete one graduate semester of internship to be recommended for certification.

All Education majors are encouraged to participate in one of the many study abroad opportunities at the University of Oklahoma.

Core: 12 hours

  • Studies in Teaching and Learning (3 hours)           
  • Studies in Cultural Diversity (3 hours)           
  • Research (6 hours)

Concentration: 21-24 hours

  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. Elementary Education
  3. English Education
  4. Instructional Leadership (including Integrated Arts Education)
  5. Mathematics Education
  6. Reading Education
  7. Science Education
  8. Secondary Education
  9. Social Studies Education
  10. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Education

Culminating Experience: 0-3 hours

Thesis: EDUC 5980

Non-Thesis: EDUC 6930 or EDUC 5972 

Visit the Course Catalog for course descriptions.

Core: 24 hours (minimum)

ILAC 6013 Proseminar in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum (3 hours)

ILAC 6023 Theoretical Issues in Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum (3 hours)

ILAC 6003 Curriculum Theory (3 hours)

Concentration: 36 hours (minimum)

The concentration focuses on specializations within the field of Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum.  Studies undertaken shape the thematic issues in the students' programs, with either a broad Instructional Leadership emphasis or a specific program area emphasis.  The following are ILAC concentrations:

1.  Early Childhood Education

2.  Elementary Education

3.  English Education

4.  Instructional Leadership (including Integrated Arts Education)

5.  Mathematics Education

6.  Reading Education

7.  Science Education

8.  Secondary Education

9.  Social Studies Education

Courses for all concentrations focus on (1) the specialization areas and (2) related educational areas, including academic disciplines. 

The Instructional Leadership specialization includes a minimum of 9 hours in ILAC taken after the master’s degree (not including dissertations hours) and remaining hours taken in related educational areas. 

Requirements and distribution of hours are specified by each program area (see program advisor).  For all concentrations, courses are selected based on program criteria and students' professional interests and goals.  Programs of study must be approved by the advisor and members of the doctoral committee.  

Electives: 12 hours (maximum)

Electives allow the student and advisor some flexibility in including coursework that either (1) extends the number of hours in areas such as research methodology, but does not include dissertation hours, or (2) includes previously taken graduate course hours that do not fit existing categories.  Courses will be selected based on the students' professional interests and goals and approved by the advisor and doctoral committee.  

Dissertation: 9-12 hours

Additional hours beyond the maximum 12 may be taken but will not be included as part of the 90-hour program.

TOTAL HOURS: 90 hours beyond the Bachelor’s Degree

Visit the Course Catalog for course descriptions.