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Master's in Science Education

Master's in Science Education

The program is based on a minimum of 36 semester hours of graduate work beyond the bachelor's degree completed in science, science education, education and research which includes the thesis. Persons whose backgrounds in the areas of science, mathematics and/or education are deficient may have to complete more than 36 semester hours of work before receiving a degree. Eight hours may be transferred for the master's degree but may not be substituted for specific requirements in science education. A faculty advisory committee will be assigned to each student from the sciences and/or science education and education. The thesis will be done in the area of teaching of one particular science or on a problem common to teaching of all sciences. The educational level at which the research will be done shall be determined by student's interest. The degree must be completed within six years of initial matriculation. The advisory committee will determine the course pattern for the student. A typical requirement distribution follows.

Dr. Florence McCann discusses research in Science Education

John Quyen Wickham discusses science and communication

Core: 11-12 hours

EDSC 5523 The Science of Learning Theory (3) 
EDSC 6532 Paradigms for Scientific Investigations (2) 
Research Electives (4) 
Studies in Cultural Diversity  (2-3)

Concentration: 20-24 hours

Science Education
EDSC 5513 Teaching Science in Secondary Schools (3) 
Electives (6)

Electives from the Natural Sciences (11-14)


Culminating Experience: 2-3 hours