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Instructional Leadership & Academic Curriculum

The College of Education at the University of Oklahoma established an extended teacher education program in 1991.  Its goals are reflected by the acronym, TE-PLUS, that is a Teacher Education (TE) program that emphasizes:  Professionalism, Leadership, Understanding, and Scholarship (PLUS).

Specifically, the TE-PLUS program prepares teachers to successfully serve in the following, interrelated roles:

  • Teacher as educator,
  • Teacher as communicator,
  • Teacher as decision maker,
  • Teacher as scholar,
  • Teacher as action researcher, and
  • Teacher as leader.

To accomplish the goal of preparing teachers for these roles, TE-PLUS consists of general education coursework, professional education, and specialized education in a student's area of certification.  The teaching certificate programs include completion of the Bachelor's degree plus nine to 12 graduate credit hours.

The hallmarks of TE-PLUS include strong content preparation, field work
with strong reflective components, and mentoring of students.  All certification programs are accredited by CAEP (Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation).