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Field Experiences

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Field Experiences

Field experiences are a critical component of teacher education. At OU, we get you into the field in your very first teacher education course.

In the OU teacher preparation program, students encounter a wide range field placements, including experiences in rural, urban, and suburban schools, and at a variety of grade levels.

Before being allowed into a classroom for a field placement, OU students are legally required to submit the following paperwork to JRCoE:

  • A completed application for a JRCoE background check
  • A signed Field Experience Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • A signed Supplemental Disclaimer form

Undergraduate students: This paperwork was likely completed as part of your application to the College of Education.  If you are unsure whether you have submitted all forms, please contact the Undergraduate Advising Office for assistance (phone: 405.325.2238, email:; location: 137 Ellsworth Collings Hall).

Graduate Students Seeking Teacher Certification:  Please contact the Undergraduate Advising Office at your earliest convenience for assistance with these forms (phone: 405.325.2238, email:; location: 137 Ellsworth Collings Hall).  Failure to submit these forms in a timely manner may delay your entry into a field experience. 

Level 1 Field Experience

The Level 1 Field Experience is a component of EIPT3473: Learning, Development, and Assessment for Teachers and entails 20 hours of observation in a rural setting.  The purpose of this field experience is to provide an in-depth look at the ways in which the concepts from EIPT3473 play out in real classroom settings. OU students will have opportunities to observe or participate in instruction in an authentic setting, including working one-on-one with students in a tutoring situation, helping students while the class is engaged in learning activities or practice, facilitating small group work, and observing the teacher's lesson and students' engagement.

Exceptional Learner Field Experience

The Exceptional Learner Field Experience is a component of EDSP3054: Introduction to Exceptional Learners.  OU students will spend 3-5 hours with a child with special needs and 3-5 hours with an adult with special needs in community settings where the OU student is not “in charge”, but the partners are interacting as equals.

Level 2 Field Experience

The Level 2 Field Experience is a component of EDS4003: Schools in American Cultures and entails 30 hours of observation in an urban setting. This course focuses on the institution of school in American society and social justice issues related to schools and schooling.  The purpose of the field experience is to introduce the OU student to the whole school from the perspective of an adult, and to apply the historical, philosophical, and sociological lenses of the course to understanding today’s schools.

Level 3 Field Experience

The Level 3 Field Experience, also referred to as the Level 3 practicum or pre-internship practicum (PIP), occurs prior to the student teaching internship in conjunction with a teaching methods course.  It is typically in a suburban setting.  The time requirement varies from 11 to 110 hours, depending upon certification area.  In this field placement OU students prepare lessons under the supervision of a certified teacher and present those lessons to a class of learners.

Level 4 Field Experience

The level 4 field Experience is the student teaching internship and entails full time classroom teaching, in preparation for certification and licensure.  Interns are in their assigned classrooms full-time for 16 weeks, or full-time in two different classrooms for 8 weeks each.