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Cal Stoltenberg

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Cal D. Stoltenberg

Cal D. Stoltenberg

Department: Educational Psychology
Program Area: Professional Counseling
Phone: 405-325-5974


Stoltenberg came to OU in 1986 after serving on the faculty of the psychology department at Texas Tech University for five years, retiring from OU in 2016. He assumed the program director position for the doctoral program in Counseling Psychology and the master’s program in Community Counseling.  By 1988, the Counseling Psychology Program had received full accreditation by the American Psychological Association.  In 1990, Stoltenberg took over as chair of the Department of Educational Psychology and served for four years before returning to direct the counseling programs for about 15 more years.  He published extensively including books, chapters, and journal articles, served on journal editorial boards, obtained external grants and contracts, held leadership positions in professional associations, and directed over 50 doctoral dissertations. 

Awards received in addition to the David Ross Boyd Professorship include the Brian and Sandra O’Brien Presidential Professorship, the Rinsland Research Award, and numerous professional/research awards.  Stoltenberg's major research interests include applications of social psychological theory to counseling process and outcome research, counseling and psychotherapy supervision and training research, and couples and family research.  He now spends considerable time working on classic cars, gardening and home maintenance work.

Research Interests

* Applications of social psychological theory to counseling process and outcomes research
* Counseling and psychotherapy supervision and training research
* Couples and family research

pdf CV for Cal Stoltenberg
CV for Cal Stoltenberg