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Kendra Williams-Diehm

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Kendra Williams-Diehm

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Department: Educational Psychology
Program Area: Special Education
Phone: 405-325-8951
Office: Collings Hall 302

Kendra L. Williams-Diehm is an Associate Professor in the Special Education program in the Department of Educational Psychology. Her primary research interests include comprehensive transition services with a focus on self-determination and post-secondary outcomes for students with disabilities (specifically intellectual and developmental disabilities). A secondary research interest focuses on the role culture and family plays in both the education of and outcomes for students from diverse backgrounds. Dr. Williams-Diehm also actively teaches both undergraduate and graduate students in the Educational Psychology department, especially in teacher preparation programs. She also coordinates activities through the JRCoE Study Abroad program in Costa Rica. 

Prior to coming to the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Williams-Diehm was at the Beach Center on Disability at the University of Kansas.


Research Interests:

  • Secondary Transtion & Self-Determination
  • Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • Cultural Impact
  • Teacher Preparation