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Teresa DeBacker

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Teresa DeBacker

Teresa DeBacker

Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology

Department: Educational Psychology
Program Area: Learning Sciences
Phone: 405-325-1275

Professor Teresa DeBacker has been a member of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Oklahoma since 1993 where teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in developmental psychology. Dr. DeBacker's program of research centers on the construct of epistemic stance as it is manifest in the classroom setting; that is, on how epistemic stance may be defined and operationalized, and how it may influence the instructional decision-making and behaviors of teachers, as well as the approaches to and motivation for learning in students. Professor DeBacker has published numerous scholarly papers in the field of educational psychology and serves on the editorial boards of several leading journals including the Journal of Educational Psychology and Contemporary Educational Psychology.


Research Interests:

  • Epistemic stance
  • Epistemic cognition
  • Achievement motivation