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Student Organizations

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Student Organizations

Involvement in Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education student organizations serves as a means for students to interact with each other, faculty members and the College's administration. From networking with students and professionals in a specific discipline to assisting with the College's many volunteer efforts, student organizations provide an avenue for increased involvement and heightened learning during your time in the College.

Specific majors and interests, College-wide interests, and academic distinction and contributions to education are among the areas represented by the College's many student organizations, which include the following:


AHEAD is a graduate student organization that works to aid its member’s personal and professional development through informing and encouraging participation in opportunities in the field of Higher Education. AHEAD also serves as a social organization that helps encourage building relationships across all areas in the Adult and Higher Education program (EDAH). The organization consists of an executive board that is modeled off of a leadership structure found in many national organizations within the field. The board collectively governs the direction of the organization with collaboration with all members


Kappa Delta Pi, the international honor society in education, recognizes outstanding contributions to education and encourages professional fellowship. Membership to Kappa Delta Pi is by invitation only.  Undergraduate education majors who exhibit sound scholarship (a GPA of at least 3.50 in at least 30 credit hours, completion of or enrollment in at least nine hours of Professional Education coursework related to their major), commendable personal qualities, and worthy educational ideals are eligible for membership.  Membership is also open to graduate students within the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education with a GPA of at least 3.25 in 12 Graduate-level credit hours.


The OU SCEC is dedicated to enhancing the preparation of preservice special educators as they are about to embark on teaching students of all abilities. Professional development on timely topics through specific presentations is ongoing throughout the fall and spring semesters. Direct interaction with fellow students and faculty members further enriches the experiences available through this organization. Service learning provides additional opportunities to strengthen skills that will be needed once practicing in the field. Membership is open to preservice general educators as well as special educators.


Students are encouraged to become members of SOEA, which is affiliated with the National Education Association (NEA).  The Association brings students together to share a common interest in the teaching profession and also to join in related social and professional activities at the state and national level.