Hospital Resource Manual

The University of Oklahoma's center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility is proud to announce the release of a new publication entitled: "Managing Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues in Healthcare: A Resource Manual." This manual is designed to provide important information to assist in managing electromagnetic compatibility issues in hospitals.

Development of the hospital manual was funded by the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry. The manuals are available through the University of Oklahoma Wireless EMC Center. The cost of the manual is $50 plus shipping.

"By managing the electromagnetic environment in a medical center, administrators can assure compatibility between wireless and medical devices," said Dr. Hank Grant, Director of the Wireless EMC Center. "This translates into improved healthcare and gains in productivity, as advances in wireless technology are applied to medical applications."

The hospital resource manual contains articles and information on recent research activities in the area of electromagnetic compatibility in healthcare, and is formatted so administrators, medical professionals, biomedical engineers, and hospital personnel can easily identify and access the sections most pertinent to their job function.

The manual is made up of six chapters. The first four chapters include: an overview and objectives, a roadmap for each user type, a primary reference on the subject of the chapter, and abstracts of the related articles. The references are prioritized with "must read," "should read," and "can read" labels.

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