Tutorial Software


Tutorial for EMI Management in Hospitals

The tutorial software is separated into three sections. These sections are:

    • Tutorial
    • Glossary
    • Incident Reports.

The Tutorial is designed to provide a hospital policy developer with the basic information he/she needs to actually develop a policy. At the end of the tutorial is an example of a possible hospital EMI policy. The tutorial is d ivided into four sections aimed providing a hospital policy maker the basic information needed to develop a general EMI policy. These sections are:

    • Section 1: What is EMI/EMC?
    • Section 2: Why is EMI Management an Issue?
    • Section 3: What Steps Can Be Taken to Manage EMI?
    • Section 4: Example Hospital EMI Policy.

The Glossary contains terms related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and/or the biomedical fields. The glossary can be browsed or searched by keyword.

The Incident Reports section is a database of actual accounts of EMI with medical devices. These reports can be browsed or searched by keyword.

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