Professor & Director of the Center for the 
Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility
School of Industrial Engineering,
University of Oklahoma
Phone : (405) 919-7000
Email : hgrant@ou.edu

Academic Qualifications

redball B.S. (Industrial Engineering) Purdue University, 1973.
redball M.S. (Industrial Engineering) Purdue University, 1977.
redball Ph.D. (Industrial Engineering) Purdue University, 1980.

Professional Experience

Dr. Grant joined the faculty at the University of Oklahoma in December of 1994 as Director of the School of Industrial Engineering and Southwestern Bell Professor. Since his arrival, he has been actively involved and all aspects of the Department as well as in the startup of the Center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility. Prior to joining the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Grant was with the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C., where he directed programs in Production Systems, Engineering Design, and Operations Research. Before that, he was director of the Measurement and Manufacturing Systems Laboratory with Hewlett Packard in HP Labs. In that capacity, he was responsible for developing the five to ten year vision of HP's manufacturing requirements. Before joining HP, Dr. Grant was involved in the startup and development of two Industrial Engineering Software businesses, Pritsker Corporation and FACTROL.

Awards and Memberships in Professional Societies

redball 1988 Arthur Young/Venture Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year in High Technology
redball Member of The Society for Computer Simulation
redball Senior Member of The Institute of Industrial Engineers
redball Member of Tau Beta Pi
redball Member of The Institute of American Entrepreneurs

Teaching/Research Interests

Dr. Grant teaches courses in modeling and simulation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. His interests are in all aspects of simulation and systems modeling, and include, language development, animation, and output analysis. He helped develop the Center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility as has been actively involved in two research projects: a study of the interaction between cellular phones and hearing aids and the interaction between cellular phones and pacemakers.

Selected Publications

redball "On the Efficiency of the Antithetic Variates Method for Simulating Stochastic Networks," Management Science, Vol. 29, No. 3, March, 1983.

redball "Variance Reduction Techniques in Stochastic Shortest Route Analysis: Application Procedures and Results," Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, August, 1983.

redball "Material Flow Evaluation in Robotics System using Simulation", Robotics and Material Flow, edited by S.Y. Nof, October, 1984.

redball "Simulation in Designing and Scheduling Manufacturing Systems," Design and Analysis of Integrated Manufacturing Systems, National Academy Press, 1988.

redball "Adaptive/Predictive Scheduling: Review and a General Framework" International Journal of Production Planning and Control, 1991, Vol. 2, No. 4, 298-312 (with S.Y. Nof).

redball "A Study of the Potential for Manufacturing Research Collaboration Between American and European Academic Research Units," Proceedings of the Third Industrial Engineering Research Council, May 1994. (with C. Moodie)

redball "In Vitro Study of the Interaction of Cellular Phones with Cardiac Pacemakers, proceedings of Electromagnetics, Health Care and Health, IEEE Workshop and Symposium, Montreal, September 1995.

redball "Meeting the Interference Requirements", proceedings of the PCs 1900 in North America, Washington, DC, December 1995.

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