Simulation Software to Aid Hospitals

In Using Wireless Devices

        The EMC Center is developing a software simulation program to assist medical centers in developing and evaluating hospital policies concerning medical and wireless devices. The program should help hospitals determine where medical devices should be located and if any limitations should be put on the use of wireless phones in the hospital.

        "Wireless technology has an important role to play in medical applications. However, because of reports of interference, some hospitals ban the use of wireless phones inside the building, " said EMC Center Director Dr. Hank Grant.

        "A ban on wireless phones is not the answer. Managing the EMC environment is the answer, but hospitals need an effective evaluation tool to help them select the best policy."

        To accomplish this, the EMC Center is developing a sound, scientific methodology for evaluating the effects of management policies for the use of wireless devices in hospitals.

         Based on simulation of hospital operations, officials will be able to look at many factors that could affect interactions. The software provides several output values, including: the number of interactions, the probability that interactions will occur, the duration of the exposure, the magnitude and severity/ consequences of the interactions, and the location of the interactions.

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