Hospital Personnel



In general, all hospital staff must be concerned with the electromagnetic compatibility problem. They have to be aware of any risks of electromagnetic compatibility malfunctions in the hospital and to act reasonably to minimize such risk. For an effective management, all hospital staff need to be educated about the importance of electromagnetic compatibility.


  • Coordinates and inform all hospital personnel about EMC in the hospital environment.
  • Create an EMC education programs for the hospital personnel.
  • Enforce an EMC policy in the hospitals

Medical Professionals
  • Caution patients who are sent home with medical devices about using a radio-frequency-transmitting device when their medical equipment is in use.

Biomedical-Engineering Personnel
  • Estimate the possible risks caused by electromagnetic interference in the hospital environment.
  • Identify potential sources of electromagnetic interference and accurately distinguish if the malfunction is caused by electromagnetic interference or by the medical device.
  • Determine if that particular medical device is unusually susceptible to RF sources.
  • Coordinate efforts to minimize electromagnetic interference within the health care facility.
  • Work with the administrator to establish comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility policies.

Hospital Personnel
  • Be alert for possible medical equipment interference.
  • Discuss EMC with the nursing management staff.
  • Inform any RF transmitter user of possible hazards of using the transmitter in the hospital environment.



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