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This manual is a collection of articles concerning recent research activities in the area of electromagnetic compatibility in healthcare and is especially designed to serve as a reference for:

Administrators   |   Medical Professionals    |   Biomedical-Engineering Personnel     |    Hospital Personnel

The article abstracts that are included in the Manual are available by clicking on the appropriate chapters



Chapter 1: Introduction to EMC

Consists of abstracts of articles giving a basic introduction to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) concepts. This chapter provides various terminology associated with EMC. It also contains articles related to reported sources of interaction with medical devices and the results of recent research in this are

Chapter 2: EMC Regulations

This chapter is structured to provide abstracts of articles on the status of national and international standards on EMC test procedures, test methods.

Chapter 3: EMC in the Medical Environment

This chapter presents abstracts of articles on electromagnetic compatibility studies done in the wireless industry and universities with emphasis on the interaction between wireless phones and medical devices, such as hearing aids, pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators tested with different phone technologies.

Chapter 4: EMC Management and Hospitals Policies

This chapter provides abstracts of articles containing general and specific recommendations of electromagnetic compatibility solutions. It also contains articles suggesting ways of formulating policies for effective management of electromagnetic compatibility in the hospital environment.

Chapter 5: Filing Cabinet

This chapter is a collection of full-version articles related to electromagnetic compatibility. An article is filed alphabetically according to the author's last name, followed by the title of the article.

Chapter 6: Internet Resources

Website addresses of various organizations involved in the electromagnetic compatibility area. The links to these addresses are also provided on the Wireless EMC Center homepage at

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