Test Facilities

Wireless EMC Center Research Lab, Norman

The Center has a research lab located in Sarkeys Energy Center. The lab has thousands of dollars of equipment loaned to the Center by several companies in Agilent and Frye Electronics.

  • The lab has Agilent base station simulators that operate with Analog, CDMA (cellular and PCS), GSM-850, GSM-900, DCS-1800, PCS-1900, and TDMA50 Hz (cellular and PCS) phone technologies.
  • The lab has numerous wireless phones representing nine different phone technologies, including phone technologies currently available in the US and Europe. The phones come from many different manufacturers.
  • The lab has over 50 hearing aids representing 5 hearing aid types and 8 manufacturers.
  • The lab has a large and a small hearing aid test chamber (see picture of the small hearing aid test chamber).
  • The Center has performed much of its hearing aid research and testing in this lab.

Selected Wireless Phones.

Hearing Aid Test Chamber.

Base Station Simulators.


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