Economic Geography
Revised Course Outline--November and December
Fall, 1997

Instructor: Jeff AlexanderEmail:
Office: EC 418Phone: 325-5325 (dept. office)
Office hours: T&W, 10:30-11:15AM; T, 3-5PM; and by appointmentFaculty contact: Dr. Gavin Bridge, EC 684

Reading Assignments and Examinations

MNov 3Retail Location FactorsHandout
WNov 5Retail Location Factors
FNov 7Shopping Center Fieldwork (no class meeting)
MNov 10Shopping Center Fieldwork (no class meeting)
WNov 12Progress Report (class meets)
FNov 14Class Presentations
MNov 17Class Presentations
WNov 19Class Presentations
FNov 21Manufacturing Location Factors & Theories (NOT on Exam II)Chapters 9-10
MNov 24Exam II
WNov 26Thanksgiving
FNov 28Thanksgiving
MDec 1Manufacturing (auto vs. electronics industries)
WDec 3Transportation Costs and AgricultureChapters 13-14
FDec 5Agricultural Patterns--US and Global
MDec 8Agriculture--population/food supply ratios
WDec 10Comparative Advantage
FDec 12Economic Integration--economic systems

Final Exam: 15 December 1997 (Monday) from 1:30-3:30PM, SEC N202

Course Policies:

  1. The number of exams and point totals will remain the same.
  2. Students are encouraged to ask questions during class and to visit during office hours.
  3. Advance notice will be required for make-up exams, unless extenuating circumstances prevent such notice. Acceptable reasons for makeup work or no late penalty on projects include illness, personal tragedy, or participation in university-sponsored activities. Students must be able to provide written verification for such absences.
  4. While I am the instructor, my performance is monitored by faculty in the Department of Geography. Dr. Gavin Bridge is the principal faculty contact for this course. Should you have a problem that you feel requires additional review, you may contact Dr. Bridge at 325-5325.

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