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FIT Pass Sale

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FIT Pass Presale

The FIT Pass Presale Information

FIT Pass – for students only

Access to 50+ classes weekly (excludes F45).

Sale Price: $55 (+ tax = $59.81)

  • Sale price available now through the end of Winter Welcome Week (ends Friday, Jan. 18)

Full Price: $65 (+ tax = $70.69)

FIT Pass Plus – for students only

All access pass to F45 and 50+ FIT classes.

Sale Price: $105 (+ tax = $114.19)

  • Sale price available now through the end of Winter Welcome Week (ends Friday, Jan. 18)
  • Fee will include all classes offered December 17 – January 13 (19 weeks of classes)

Full Price: $115 (+ tax = $125.06)

F45 Membership – for all membership types

Full Price: $65 (+ tax = $70.69)

  • Fee will cover classes from December 17 to May 10
  • Fee will also include all F45 classes offered Dec. 17 – Jan. 13 (19 weeks of classes total)

F45 Annual Membership Option

  • Available to all paying members who have the ability to purchase an annual membership
  • Annual Price: $171.05 (+ tax = $186.02)
    • Based on 50 weeks of classes
    • Equals $3.42/week for unlimited F45
  • Payroll Deduction – OU Faculty/Staff Only –fee in addition to membership per person
    • Monthly: $14.25/person
    • Hourly: $6.58/person
    • 9-Month Employee: $19.01/person


You can now come to Sarkeys Fitness Center to sign up!

Anyone who already has a IMLeagues account and wishes to buy a FIT Pass now can do so here:

To create a personal IMLeagues account:

  1. Visit IMLeagues
  2. Click “Create Account.” If you choose to register through Facebook, please login and allow access to your account.
  3. Fill in the remaining information for your account.
  4. Click “Sign-Up.” You will need to verify your account with an e-mail sent to you from IMLeagues and then your account will be active. You cannot do anything on the site without this verification.

Once you have an IMLeagues account, click the here:, you will need to click the Fitness tab in the upper left hand corner. Once the page loads, you will see where to buy the FIT Pass in the middle of the announcement.

OU Fit+Rec FIT Pass Sale REGULAR PRICE SALE PRICE FIT PASS $59 PLUS TAX The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution, For accommodations on the basis of disability, call (405) 325-3053. ENROLL ONLINE: AUG. 23 and 24 (OU.EDU/FAR) ENROLL IN PERSON: AUG. 24 (6 a.m. to 9 p.m.) at Sarkeys Fitness Center Get access to FIT classes at Sarkeys Fitness Center! With a FIT Pass, you’ll enjoy unlimited class access to any of our 60+ classes a week. Excludes F45 specialty classes. FIT PASS $49