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OU Financial Education Purpose

Financial Education Services (fED), a division of Financial Aid Services, was established in 2003. Our purpose is to offer OU students free information about managing their finances and providing the resources they need to graduate with as little debt as possible.

The fED is committed to cultivating financial awareness within the OU student community by offering free personal one-on-one counseling sessions, campus based workshops, and financial literacy resources.

We want yOU to $ave $ooner!

9 things

Summer 2016 Courses

9 Things About Money & College-21081-UCOL 1022-850

9 Things About Money & College-20528-UCOL 1022-851

9 Things About Money & College-20846-UCOL 1022-995

9 Things About Money & College-20847-UCOL 1022-996

9 Things About Money & College-20848-UCOL 1022-997

Looking for a fun and informative class?

Check out 9 Things About Money & College

Fall 2016 Courses

9 Things About Money & College-30000-UCOL 1022-001

9 Things About Money & College-22459-UCOL 1022-005

9 Things About Money & College-34327-UCOL 1022-200

9 Things About Money & College-35907-UCOL 1022-201  

Guest Speaker Financial Education Series

FREE monthly student information sessions that will focus on college student personal financial issues and trends.

Save sooner

The Save Sooner Guest Speaker Series events will be back next Fall 2016 semester!

Find more information here about the Save Sooner sessions

Important news

  • SWAT Students are back for the 15-16 School Year!  Click here to access the SWAT Scheduler.  
  • INCOMING FRESHMAN: Come prepared to move in! Check this list out to see what items you will need to buy when you move into the dorms! 
  • Stop by our office in Cate 4, Rm 360 for your FREE Save Sooner T-Shirt!