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Health and Wellness

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Health and Wellness

The School of Music is committed to increasing the awareness of physical and mental health issues for student musicians.


Norman Campus Courses

Please refer to the general catalog for more Health and Exercise Science (HES) offerings.

HES 1221 Individual Fitness. May be repeated; maximum credit eight hours. Exercise designed to condition the body for maximum health and fitness; special emphasis on cardiovascular fitness. (F, Sp, Su)

HES 1231 Lifestyle Physical Activity. Individuals learn and practice strategies for incorporating lifestyle physical activity into your daily routines. Class focuses on teaching students a variety of topics such as: an understanding of physical activity and how it is needed to maintain health; how to self-monitor physical activity; how to set achievable and realistic physical activity goals; and how to effectively cope with situations that limit or prevent participation. Some classes will include participation in physical activities such as walking, bicycling, or other activities of the student's choice. (F, Sp)

HES 2823 Introductory Nutrition (Crosslisted with Clinical Dietetics 1823). Evaluation of basic composition of nutrients and accessory factors required for adequate human nutrition. Application of nutritional principles to the planning of normal and special dietary regimen. [II-NL]

HES 2913 Personal Health. Emphasizes the health knowledge and practices needed for effective living. The course has a holistic focus on personal health and provides both an informational and behavioral basis for health promotion and disease prevention. Topics include: mental health, stress management; fitness; nutrition; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug education; sexuality; and chronic/infectious disease. (F, Sp)

HES 3503 Child and Family Health. Prerequisite; junior standing. Examines the multifaceted determinants of health for children and adolescents, with special emphasis on the roles of the family, school and community. Topics include: body image and dieting; nutrition, obesity and physical activity; adolescent social behaviors; tobacco and alcohol use; mental health and family relationships. Gender-specific and age-appropriate prevention and intervention strategies will be discussed in relation to each of these topics. (F, Sp)

HES 3543 Health and Wellness Coaching. Prerequisite: junior standing and HES 2913. Encourages participants to successfully adopt healthier lifestyle behavior. Explores the development and efficacy of health and wellness coaching and develops the ability to implement basic coaching skills when working with patients and wellness clients. (Sp)

HES 3573 Obesity and Weight Management. Prerequisite: Junior standing and HES 2913 and either HES 1823 or Zoology 2124. Provide students with knowledge of the physiology and psychology of obesity and overweight. Course is designed to educate students not only on the scientific background of obesity but how to apply this knowledge to management of obesity in the general and specific populations they will be serving. (F)