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OU School of Visual Arts Academic Programs

The OU School of Visual Arts offers numerous professional and comprehensive studio arts and art history programs. Each program is specifically designed to educate those students choosing a career in art. The faculty is comprised of teaching artists and art historians, whose knowledge, leadership, and skills create a classroom environment that is both productively rewarding and personally challenging.

Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs provide students interested in pursuing careers in art the only comprehensive BFA and MFA studio arts program in the state. Students choosing art history as a professional field may select from The Bachelor of Arts or the Master of Arts in Art (Art History) at the graduate level.

For all degree programs, a core curriculum of general education courses, combined with specific University academic requirements and electives, are complemented with specific studio art and art history requirements and electives. As each study program for the BFA, BA, MFA or MA degree is appropriately designed to meet specific requirements of its professional art field, the School of Art assigns an academic advisor to work with each student in the program.


Bachelor of Arts in Art History

OU SoVA's professional art history degree program is both traditional and innovative. Undergraduate lecture courses and graduate seminars use collections and exhibitions to study the creation, reception, and institutionalization of the visual arts, from the most ancient to the most contemporary.

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Bachelor of Arts in Art

The BA is a liberal arts degree and, as such, places the study of art/design within the context of a broad program of general studies. This new degree enables students to choose a program of study that is more relevant to their individual academic and career objectives. Not all of our students are interested in professional studio practice, many have goals that are better suited by cross-disciplinary study and by the acquisition of a broad yet informed knowledge base in one or many other fields of study.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art



Master of Fine Arts in Art

The OU School of Visual Arts offers fine arts graduate study in the areas of Art, Technology & Culture; Studio; and Visual Communication. The MFA program focuses study on a particular emphasis within the various categories.

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Masters of Arts in Art History

The Art History faculty is committed to developing critical, creative, scholarly approaches to the history of art works, approaches grounded in sensitive perception as well as in familiarity with pertinent primary and secondary texts within a broader cultural context.

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Ph.D. in Art History

The University of Oklahoma School of Visual Arts is pleased to announce a new Ph.D. program in art history.  This unique program, the first of its kind, has two distinct emphases: Native American Art History and Art of the American West.

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