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Allison Palmer

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Allison Palmer, Ph.D.

Allison Palmer

 Teaching Experience: Professor, School of Visual Arts (previously School of Art and Art History), University of Oklahoma, Norman, July 2016 – present

Specialization: Renaissance and Baroque Art and Architecture

Associate Professor, School of Art and Art History, University of Oklahoma, Norman, July 2000 - 2016

College of Arts and Sciences, OU, taught “Renaissance Art and Science in Italy,” for their Chemistry of Art Summer Program, July 2012

College of Engineering, OU, taught “Renaissance Art and Science in Italy,” for their Engineering in Italy Summer Program, July 2011

Co-taught “Italian Folktales and Art” with Susan Shaughnessy, for the OU in Arezzo Program, March, 2010

Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma, Norman, January 1994 - July 2000

Faculty Member, College of Liberal Studies, (BALS and MALS Programs), College of Continuing Education, University of Oklahoma, September 1997 – present

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