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Student Life & Resources


The purpose of the Art Museum Ambassadors is to inform all students that one of the nation’s finest university art museums is located at the University of Oklahoma. The Ambassadors also strive to promote the fine arts on campus because it is essential for students to support their peers. Through their participation in promoting education and involvement in the museum, students will gain an appreciation for art and enrich their cultural experience. For more information, visit the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art website.

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The Graphic Design Association promotes a strong social and professional bond with the design community for students interested in learning more about the field of graphic design or visual communication. Students gain insight into the ever-expanding role of design through lecture, events, conferences, and competitions.

Print Club

The OU Print Club is a student organization that harnesses the entrepreneurial spirit of printmaking to assist its members with their social and professional advancement. Through such activities as live event printing, print sales, and contracting t-shirt printing to other organizations; Print Club promotes its cause while increasing visibility for the department and the discipline. All funds raised by Print Club are returned to its members in the form of financial assistance for attending conferences, bringing in guest artists, and taking part in other local and national printmaking-specific activities.

Red Clay Faction

The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in ceramic arts, art in general, and the OU School of Visual Arts.

VASA (Visual Art Student Association) has been an active club in the School of Art & Art History since 2002. VASA has been highly successful in raising money through art auctions for out of state trips to visit highly acclaimed museums. Most recently, they visited the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AK in Spring 2012. VASA has also been instrumental in organizing fun activities, such as The Wearable Art Show and The Art School Prom.