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Mission + Vision

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
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Through its growing collections, diverse exhibitions, and programs, the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art creates opportunities for the University family, the people of Oklahoma, and our national and international audiences to derive knowledge, understanding, and enjoyment from the visual arts.


To provide a dynamic environment where people can discover meaning, pleasure, and value in art. To establish an environment, through exhibitions and programs, that supports the University’s goal to provide students and visitors with a global perspective by creating international awareness and understanding through art.

Approved by Museum Board of Visitors: October 8, 2010

Approved by the University Senior Vice President and Provost, Norman Campus: November 30, 2010

Approved by the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents: November 30, 2010



The collections, programs, and facilities of the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art are a public trust.

Upholding this trust is the responsibility of all persons associated with the Museum, and they must act with integrity and high ethical principles.

While duties and responsibilities differ, working relationships among trustees, employees, and volunteers are based on equity and mutual respect.

The Museum maintains a high commitment to excellence through curatorial scholarship for its exhibitions and publications, intellectually stimulating and quality programs, and commitment of service to creating a positive experience for museum visitors.

The Museum derives its purpose from its collections, and its obligation to these collections is paramount. The Museum’s duty is to care for, interpret, and exhibit the collection and to preserve it for future generations in an enhanced form if possible.

Programming furthers the Museum’s mission and is responsive to the concerns, interests, and needs of the global society.