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An Exhibition of 22 Paintings by OB Jacobson

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An Exhibition of 22 Paintings by OB Jacobson

December 5 – 18, 1948


 “After a summer free from towns and turmoil, I have returned to face the ‘daily bread.’ Again this summer I found the pine needles and the sage brush sweet and fragrant, the mesas and the sky secure in their places. I have come back convinced that life can be endured without the escape into abstractions. It may now be considered old fashioned but I seem to prefer to paint the world unconquered by man, unviolated by human greed, a world untouched by misery and despair. Every summer for 30 years or more, I have wandered over the south-western States attempting as best I may, by means of paint, to interpretate their dramatic beauty, not neglecting the lyrical melancholy charm of Oklahoma’s winters. This summer I concentrated on some aspects and moods of California, Utah, and Nevado. Pray look upon my effort with tolerance mixed with pleasure.”


  • Pyramid Lake (Nevada)
  • Burnt Hills (Nevada)
  • The End of the Continent (California)
  • The Seal Rocks (California)
  • Point Joe (California)
  • Salt Air from the Sea (California)
  • Morning at Great Salt Lake (Utah)
  • Dry Hills (California)
  • The Green Mountains of Provo (Utah)
  • Pastures (Nevada)
  • On the Road to Monterey (California)
  • The Ramparts of Moab (Utah)
  • Lake Tahoe (Calif-Nevada)
  • Headlands (California)
  • The Comstock Lode (Nevada)
  • Dawn at the Salt Flats (Utah)
  • Cypress Point (California)
  • Pacific Grove (California)
  • Swamp Land of San Pablo Bay (Utah)
  • Price Canyon (Utah)
  • Strawberry Lake - 1945 - (Utah)
  • Logan Wheat Fields - 1945 - (Utah)