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Corcoran Biennial

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Corcoran Biennial

October 2 – 25


The Biennial exhibitions at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., have long been regarded as important attempts to provide broad surveys of changing styles in American art. The current exhibition consists of thirty-eight canvases selected from the 26th Biennial held in early 1959. Representing dominant trends in art are works by such outstanding artists as Albers, Donati, Hartigan, Kantor, Maclver, Morris, and Pereira.

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  • Josef Albers, Homage to Square, Auriferous
  • Edward Betts, Crevice
  • James Boynton, Untitled
  • Paul Burlin, P.T.
  • Charles Cajori, Untitled
  • Eleanor Coen, Dance on the High Street
  • Enrico Donati, Hyaaran
  • Edward Giobbi, The Wedding
  • Balcomb Greene, Woman and Man
  • Sindey Gross, Demolition
  • Grace Hartigan, Vendor
  • Burt Hasen, Buna-New Guinea
  • Carl Heidenreich, Aeolian Harp
  • Leta English Hess, Still Life
  • John Hultberg, The Dark Room #26
  • Paul Jenkins, Western Sphinx
  • Max Kahn, We Gather Together
  • Morris Kantor, In the Garden
  • Karl Knaths, Drape and Plant
  • Benjamin Kopman, Blue Landscape
  • Richard Lahey, Lobster Trap and Buoys
  • Rico Lebrun, Black Golgotha
  • James Lechay, Portrait of John Knowlton
  • Loren Maclver, Lagoon
  • Boris Margo, Blast-off
  • Keith Martin, Tapestry for a Hero
  • Dean Meeker, Thermopolis Thistle
  • George L.K. Morris, Enclave
  • Kyle Morris, Verdant
  • I. Rice Pereira, Wither?
  • Robert Rauschenberg, Rhyme
  • John Saccaro, Raid (Sensory)
  • Albert Sugimoto, Catapult
  • James Suzuki, To Our Unknown Embryo
  • Teruko Yokoi, November
  • Nicola Ziroli, Still Life