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Light in Art

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Light in Art

September 1 — 14


A continuation of the Museum Summer Exhibition which presents a survey of the creative role of light in the visual arts.


Outer Gallery

  • Auguste Renoir, Dejueuner des Canotiers, 1870 (reproduction)
  • Eugene Bavinger, Photograms, 1951
  • Abraham Rattner, The Yellow Table, 1945
  • Edward Hopper, House, Provincetown, 1945
  • John O’Niel, Faceted Shower, 1958
  • El Greco, St. Jerome as Cardinal, 1584-1594 (reproduction)
  • Georges Rouault, Le Vieux Roi, 1937 (reproduction)
  • Jan Vermeer, The Milkmaid, 1650 (reproduction)
  • Georges Seurat, Une Dimanche d’ete a la Grande Jatte, 1884-1886 (reproduction)
  • Camille Pissarro, L’oise Near Pontoise, 1873 (reproduction)
  • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Au Moulin Rouge, 1892 (reproduction)

Inner Gallery

  • A. L. Mortensen, Stage model for “Caligula”, 1949
  • Joe Taylor, Horse, 1955
  • Gandhara Heads (side illumination), 4th to 8th cent. A.D.
  • Basic Forms (illuminated from below)
  • Eugene Bavinger, Photograms, 1951
  • Dale McKinney, Light Machine, 1954-1958. This is the first presentation of Professor McKinney’s machine in a state museum. Painting with light represents a fusion of art and science with electromic and mechanical factors utilized for aesthetic qualities. The light machine will be operated on the hour for twelve minute viewing periods.
  • William Harold Smith, Garden Sculpture, 1957
  • James Henkle, Sculpture, 1951
  • Basic Forms (illuminated from below)
  • Gandhara Heads (illuminated from above), 4th to 8th century A.D.