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Roger Lee White

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Roger Lee White

October 5 — 29


The paintings and graphics of this artist have been recently exhibited in numerous national and regional exhibitions where they have been awarded several honors and prizes. Mr. White, a native of Ohio, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Miami University and a Master of Arts degree form the University of Denver. The artist has recently been appointed chairman of the Department of Art at Oklahoma City University where he has been teaching for the past two years.


  • Willow Creek Fisherman, watercolor
  • Lake Freighter, watercolor
  • Tricycle, watercolor
  • Surveyor, watercolor
  • B & O, watercolor
  • Three Generations, watercolor
  • Kokomo, watercolor
  • Clear Lake, watercolor
  • Black Ore, watercolor
  • Mutation, watercolor
  • Secretary, watercolor
  • Three Trees, watercolor
  • Scholar, watercolor
  • Elizabeth, color woodcut
  • Exposition, color woodcut
  • Mud-Dauber No. 2, color woodcut
  • Playmates, color woodcut
  • Forest, color woodcut
  • Lunar Reflection, etching
  • Biological Forms, etching
  • Steps, charcoal and ink
  • Blackhawk, charcoal, wash and ink
  • Relaxation, ink
  • Despair, drawing
  • Gift Order, ink and wash
  • Picnic, oil
  • Argo Mill, oil
  • Avalanche, oil
  • Firebreak, oil
  • Woman with Child, oil
  • The City, oil
  • Red Elephant Mine, oil
  • The Third Generation, oil
  • Coal Docks, oil
  • The Peddler, oil
  • Rooftops, oil
  • Spring Runoff, oil
  • First Snow, oil