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Tri-College Show

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Tri-College Show

December 6 – 17


Members of the faculty of the Art Departments of Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Tulsa University and Oklahoma University, Norman, will co-operate in presenting this exhibition of their works. The exhibition is presented annually at one of the three contributing institutions. Works in all media will be included.


Oklahoma State University

  • David H. De Allende, Blue #40, casein
  • Rena Penn Brittan, Prophet, textile
  • Idress Cash,
    • Vase, earthware
    • Planter, earthware
    • Bull, earthware
  • Elinor Evans, Field, oil
  • William McHale, “B”, mixed media
  • Dale McKinney, Vestige, oil
  • J. Jay McVicker, Painting 1959, oil
  • Sheldon Reich, Apparition from the Archives of the Mind, oil
  • Edward W walker, Kinaesthesis, oil


University of Tulsa

  • Harry A Broadd, Study for Three Nudes, oil
  • J. Woody Cochran, Daniel 723, polymer
  • Duayne Hachett, Sculpture, steel
  • Alexandre Hogue, Appaloosa, polymer
  • Brad Place, Concept Perceived, collage


University of Oklahoma

  • Emilo Amero, And Thy Wrath Is Come, encaustic
  • Eugene A Bavinger, Confinement, Encaustic
  • Roger Corsaw
    • Bottle, stoneware
    • Bowl, stoneware
    • Jar, stoneware   are
  • James L. Henkle, Apollo, brass and copper
  • Sam Olkinezky, Traversent #3, oil
  • John O’Neil, Scandia V, oil
  • William Harold Smith, Abstraction, ceramic Panel
  • R.W. Tomberlin, Bird Flight, enamel on copper