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Oklahoma Designer Craftsmen Exhibition

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Oklahoma Designer-Craftsmen Exhibition

December 3 – 24


The Museum of Art, University of Oklahoma is pleased to present the creative works of Oklahoma craftsmen in this seventh juried state-wide exhibition.


Dr. Donald L. Wyckoff, National Director and Executive Vice-President of the American Crafts Council, selected 184 crafts for the exhibition from over 400 entries by 106 craftsmen. The juror also selected twelve awards—ten cash awards, one purchase award and a citation for the most outstanding work in the exhibition. The ten cash awards were distributed as three in each of the clay, fiber and metal categories puls and additional award in any category meriting recognition in the juror’s opinion. Awards are indicated in the catalog listing.


The exhibition is sponsored by the Oklahoma Designer-Craftsmen and the Museum of Art, University of Oklahoma, with assistance from the Oklahoma Arts and Humanities Council and the following contributing sponsors:


Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Champlin, Enid

Contemporary Hand Crafts

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Delhotal, Yukon

Empire Construction Co., Mr. Al Frampton, Tulsa

Frankoma Pottery, Mr. John Frank, Sapulpa

S. Grace Hower, Tulsa

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Porter, Enid

Mr. Carl Singer, Enid

Mrs. Carol M. Thurston, Austin, Texas

Tulsa Designer Craftsmen

Tulsa Handweavers, Grace C. Stewart, President


The Museum of Art gratefully acknowledges the aid of all the sponsors and participants in the exhibition, particularly the craftsmen whose best efforts were submitted to the juror. The works in the exhibition will be enjoyed by thousands of Oklahomans from over the state. It is certain that wider awareness and sensitive appreciation of the craftsman’s contribution to our lives will be stimulated.

-Sam Olkinetzky, Director


Catalog of the Exhibition


JoAnn N. Adams, Oklahoma City

  • Yarn Relief; wall hanging
  • Linear Study with Yarn; wall hanging
  • Fill et Plumes; wall hanging
  • Burlap and Jute; wall hanging
  • Neckpiece; shaped brass

Mary Ann Anders, Oklahoma City

  • Tri-color Wonder; weaving

John Atlee, Norman

  • Glass Bottle; soda lime glass
  • Bowl; porcelain
  • Platter; porcelain

John E. Ayers, Hindsville, Arkansas

  • Pendant; cast sterling
  • Cast bronze form

Sally Ayers, Hindsville, Arkansas

  • Forest Folk; cast bronze 7sterling
  • Necklace; constructed brass
  • Necklace; constructed 14K gold

Ruthann Baker, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

  • Indian Girl with 13 feathers; salt glazed

Diana Beebe, Tulsa

  • Earth Form #1; stitchery
  • Anenome; stitchery

Audrey Bethel, Norman

  • Burnished coil pot; red lay
  • Beer Pot; red clay

Jerry Bryan, Tipton

  • Bottle-ship design; stoneware

Marjorie Buffum, Tulsa

  • Dry-weed Holder; electroformed copper

Hal Burrows, Norman

  • Platter; stoneware

Kevin Byren; Tulsa

  • Color Me Stone; stoneware

Carolyn Lee Carruth, Tulsa

  • Folkwave; macramé

Danny Cassil, Del City

  • Slab Vase; clay
  • Pot; clay
  • Salt Work; clay

Rajab Chehrehgosha, Stillwater

  • Platter; ceramic
  • Vase with Lid; ceramic
  • Coil Neck Bottle; ceramic
  • Coil Neck Bottle; ceramic

Roger D. Corsaw, Norman

  • Lidded jar – blue inserts; ceramic

Branch Bottle; ceramic

  • Coil Neck Bottle; ceramic
  • Lidded jar; ceramic
  • Bowl – glaze trailed; ceramic

Lane Coultter, Norman

  • Shield; silver, vermillion, ivory, leather
  • *Mountain Road & Lake; silver, acrylic, ebony, gold
  • Los Almos- Manhattan Wall Pendant; acrylic, pewter, rhodochrosite
  • Elves Aron Presley; leather, copper, silver
  • Historical Pendant; mixed

Tom Covert, Oklahoma City

  • Stoneware; clay

Bob & Janey Crain, Oklahoma City

  • Goblet; stoneware & porcelain
  • Urn; stoneware

Joyce Cross, Oklahoma City

  • *White Arrangement; weaving
  • Black Arrangement; weaving

Paul Denny, Jr., Enid

  • The Snow is Upon Us; stoneware

William R. Derrevre, Tulsa

  • Before the Battle I must chose between…; metals
  • Someday we’ll be like Sis; metals
  • In culmination I would like to say…; metals
  • * Air Container VII; pewter
  • Ring; 14K gold & alexandrite

Harriett Dodge, Norman

  • Coffee cup & saucer; porcelain
  • Raku pot

Ton DuBois, Stillwater

  • ***Totemic Form No. 11; stoneware with gold and luster decoration
  • Totemic Form No. 2; stoneware with yellow matt laze
  • Butterfly; stoneware with gold luster decoration
  • The Sacred Serpent; stoneware with gold luster
  • **Bowl; stoneware

Clara S. Dumas, Norman

  • Untitled; jute, stoneware beads, feathers
  • Untitled; jute & found metal

Carolyn Folkins, Norman

  • Sculptural Forms; stoneware

Junior Freeman, Ada

  • Xanthous Xylem; mixed
  • Chimera; mixed
  • Juxtapose; stoneware

Sara Gilstrap, Norman

  • Blood of a Turnip; raku bowl
  • A Penny’s Worth; stoneware bowl

David Greer, Prague

  • Gold Urn with Lid # 3179; pottery

Bob Hanlin, Oklahoma City

  • News Vase; stoneware

Joyce L. Hawley, Tulsa

  • Silver Scored Bracelet
  • Brass, copper, silver box

Edwin R. Helm, Moore

  • Crucifix; silver

Dortha Henderson, Norman

  • Dessie’s Dead Baby; mixed
  • Tombstone Brooch; brass, wood & plastic

Robert Hepp, Oklahoma City

  • Vase; earthenware

Montee Hoke, Weatherford

  • Planter, stoneware
  • Paw clay bottle, slip decor; stoneware

Glennis Horn, Midwest City

  • Punch Bowl; ceramic

Juanita Howell, Midwest City

  • Let It All hang Out; crochet

Neva Humpherys, Tulsa

  • Orange; macramé

Robert Isern, Norman

  • Bowl; stoneware
  • Bowl; stoneware

Katherine Jones, Tulsa

  • Ring; sterling silver
  • Ring; natural amethyst crystal, sterling silver
  • Pin; natural mineral cassiterite, sterling silver

Kreg Kallenberger, Tulsa

  • Untitled; silver, copper, offhand glass
  • Life is a Cookie Jar; stoneware & lowfire
  • Untitled; cased silver glass

Betty Jo Kidson, Tulsa

  • Weep; macramé

Julie Kincade, Evanston, Illinois

  • *Post; raku
  • “R”; raku
  • Cave pot; raku
  • Bowl; raku
  • Ball; stoneware

Jimmy W. Lane, Del City

  • Necklace; sterling silver

Loyal G. LaPlante, Tulsa

  • Belt Buckle; brass, silver, ebony
  • Container; brass, copper

David Logsdon, Ada

  • Enclosed beads; stoneware, copper, wood, bone
  • Brain pot; raku

Vernon MacNeil, Muskogee

  • Tea Pot; silver & wood
  • Mountain Sheep Ring; gold
  • Crayfish Ring; gold
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers; silver & stone

Richard Mammel, Ada

  • Black and White – Fight; stoneware
  • After-birth; stoneware
  • War-vessel; stoneware

Marcia Manhart, Tulsa

  • Folded Lidded Jar; earthenware
  • Teapot; porcelain
  • Bee Hive; porcelain
  • Porcelain form; porcelain

Tom ManHart, Tulsa

  • Dish; celadon glazed, porcelain
  • Covered Jar; stoneware

Mary Marshall, Norman

  • Chocker; pewter, leather, stone
  • Arm Ornament; brass, agates
  • NRA anti-metal; brass
  • Pin; silver, steel, bead

E. Marti, Oklahoma City

  • *Pod; fiber
  • Black, brown & white #1; fiber
  • Circular Silk; fiber

Donna Matles, Tulsa

  • Permanent Press; mixed metals & leather
  • *Weed Pot; pewter
  • Box #1; bronze, sterling silver, jade
  • Box #2; bronze, ebony, bone
  • Cocktail Ring; black jade, gold, andalucite & pearl

Mary Metzger, Sand Springs

  • Pillow-birds Migrating; handwoven vegetable dyed wool on linen
  • Saddle Blanket – Bear’s Foot; handwoven vegetable dyed wool on linen

Larry Milligan, Tishomingo.

  • Bottle; stoneware

Donna J. Morrow, Victoria, Texas

  • Pin; sterling silver

John Nelson, Tulsa

  • Bus; silver
  • Turkish Wedding band #4; gold

Jerre Ormiston, Tulsa

  • Lidded container; enamel on metal

Rebecca Piercy, Norman

  • Sea Box; stoneware
  • Hinged Box; stoneware
  • From; stoneware
  • Square pot; stoneware
  • Carved jar; stoneware

Jim Polan, Jenks

  • Snails Find a Path through the Mountains of Gold; low fire
  • Standing Pot #1; salt-glaze stoneware
  • Lidded Casserole; stoneware

Charotte R. Rhea, Ada

  • Coupling shelter with space; textile assemblage
  • Meable; textile assemblage
  • A Patch of Fur; textile assemblage
  • Heironymus in the Garden; textile assemblage

Patrick Riley, Oklahoma City

  • Head Piece; mixed

Paul Rogers, Norman

  • Bowl; stoneware
  • Six Mouth Weed Pot; stoneware
  • Untitled; stoneware
  • Vase; stoneware

James Rohlder, Tulsa

  • Glass piece that looks like a snail; glass
  • Sailin Feet; stoneware
  • Salt glaze vase; stoneware

Roger Runge, Norman

  • Bowl; stoneware
  • Untitled; salt glazed
  • Untitled; salt glaze
  • Untitled; native clay

Warren Schmidt, Norman

  • Hand Mirror; mixed
  • Necklace; mixed
  • Hanging Piece; mixed

LeRoy Schultz, Weatherford

  • Golden Silica; stoneware

Jane Shapiro, Norman

  • Country Road; hooked on burlap

R.L. Siege, Ada

  • The Beast that Ate Prince Albert #3; wood, plastic metal
  • The Champion Bubble Blower; wood, metal
  • The Beast Guards the Wine; wood & plastic

Franklin W. Simons, Edmond

  • *Stoneware Vase; clay

Lynn Smiser, Oklahoma City

  • An American Pie, ceramic
  • A French Phone; ceramic

J.M.R. Smith, Oklahoma City

  • Bottoms Up Cup; ceramic
  • Chalice; ceramic

Betty Barnard Watson, Norman

  • Niantic Branch Pot; clay
  • Salt Pot; clay
  • Pinched bowl; clay

Pat Wells, Ada

  • Bottle; raku
  • Container; raku

Elbert M. Wheeler, Enid

  • Bracelet; sterling
  • Ring; sterling

Carol Whitney, Norman

  • Animal Farm Chess set; stoneware, 32 pieces
  • Bottle Vase I; porcelain

Jean S. Wilcox, Norman

  • Porcelain Bowl; ceramic
  • Porcelain Weed Pot; ceramic
  • Ribbon Handled Pot, Gray; ceramic
  • Brush Work Plate; ceramic

Bruce Wyman, Enid

  • Lieblicher Pokel Krug; stoneware
  • Lion Print Bowl; stoneware
  • Voluptuous Canister; stoneware



**Frankoma Purchase Award

***Selected by Dr. Donald Wyckoff as the most outstanding work.