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Oklahoma Designer Craftsmen 1977

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14th Annual Oklahoma Designer Craftsmen Exhibition

December 4 – 23


The Museum of Art of the University of Oklahoma presents this fourteenth annual juried exhibition of the Oklahoma Designer Craftsmen with pride in the quality of our state’s crafts productivity.


In the five years since the Museum last co-sponsored the exhibition, the participation of Oklahoma craftsmen in the annual juried shows at Tulsa and Oklahoma City has grown in number, enthusiasm and quality.


Partly as a response to the ODC selection of nationally respected jurors and partly as a response to a heightened public interest, Oklahoma’s artists, designers and craftsmen are producing more fine works in clay, fiber, metal, wood and synthetics than ever before. The current exhibition amply demonstrates the high quality of work selected by the juror from the 246 entries of 96 designer craftsmen.


Visitors to the exhibition will be rewarded by increased perception of the varieties of ideas stated in old and new materials and techniques. It is hoped that they will respond by encouraging and supporting crafts and craftsmen in acquiring works for pure enjoyment.


The Museum of Art gratefully acknowledges the interest and assistance of the following individuals, organizations, agencies and corporate groups in providing financial support to make this 1977 juried show and important event in Oklahoma’s cultural calendar:


The American Exchange Banks & Trust Company

The Hand Weavers League of Oklahoma

The Yarn Shed

The Art Lending Service of the Museum

J. Ronald Wilhite

Jane E. Champlin

Bev’s Creative Crafts

Tulsa Designer Craftsmen

The Oklahoma Arts & Humanities Council

The National Endowment for the Arts


Acknowledgements are also due to the officers of Oklahoma Designer Craftsmen: John Atlee, President; Jill Dacey, Vice-President; Harriet Dodge-Traurig, Treasurer; Jan Eckardt-Butler, Secretary; Cissy McCaa, Corresponding Secretary; Ann Adams, Editor; Jane McDonald, Historian; Frank Simmons, Special Consultant to the Board, and Nancy Weintraub, Director.


Appreciation for fund-raising committee: Bob Hanlin, Norma Waugh, Jean Ann Whiteman, Betty Jo Kidson, Donna Matles, Loyal LaPlante, Leroy Schultz, Elbert Wheeler and Jim Humprey is duly noted.

-Sam Olkinetzky, Director


Catalog of the Exhibition


1.     Sally Ayers, Friends Across the Sea, sterling

2.     Dale Baker, H.M.B.B.P. No. 5

3.     Dale Baker, Bottles, earthenware and galena

4.     Nancy Bavinger, Busted Sack, stoneware

5.     Charles Belle, Father’s, Son’s, Holly Spirit’s. copper, chrome, nickleplate

6.     Charles Belle, Weapon – I.C.U. 747. Brass, polyester, integrated circuitry.

7.     James Birtch. Man’s Onyx Ring. 14K yellow gold.

8.     Richard Bibins. Closed White Form. Earthenware burnished.

9.     Richard Bivins. Closed Red Form. Earthenware burnished.

10.  Shirley Canham. Zuni Deer. Needlepoint.

11.  Shirley Canham. Roadrunner. Needlepoint.

12.  Mary Kyle Cocoma. Blanket. Textile.

13.  James Cook. Dragon Lure. Steel, aluminum.

14.  James Cook. Lure. Metal.

15.  James Cook. Helmet. Copper.

16.  Lane Coulter. Paring Knife. Forged titanium & bois d’arc wood.

17.  Jules Cowles. Dandelion Showers. Screen print, oil base ink.

18.  Jill Dacey. Container. Fiber.

19.  William Derrevre. It’s a Sew Sew Set. Brass, linen, cedar.

20.  Ron Dubois. Twin Landscape. Stoneware.

21.  Ron Dubois. Chalice. Porcelain.

22.  Clara Dumas. Autumn Triptych. Fiber.

23.  Jan Eckardt-Butler. Arm Chair. Stoneware, pvc pipe, fabric.

24.  Jan Eckardt-Butler. Laura Box. Raku.

25.  John Edmundson. Plate No. 1. Raku.

26.  Chris Embree. Baby Blanket. Fiber.

27.  Jann Faught. Old Design. Wool & Synthetic fiber.

28.  Jann Faught. Design With Bells. Indian wool, flaw, synthetic fiber.

29.  Dana Gilpin. Bowl No. 1. Raku.

30.  Dana Gilpin. Bowl No. 2. Raku.

31.  Rick Haynes. Teapot. Stoneware.

32.  Rick Haynes. Plate. Porcelain.

33.  Rick Haynes. Lipped Jar. Porcelain.

34.  Dortha Henderson. Wimpled Portrait. Mixed.

35.  Dortha Henderson. Winged Chuck. Wood.

36.  James Henkle. Folding Stool. Beechwood.

37.  James Henkle. Hinged Table. Oak, leather glass.

38.  James Henkle. Cardtable. Walnut.

39.  Shelly Horton-Trippe. Tea in the Palm Room w/Artist. Clay.

40.  Shelly Horton-Trippe. Secret Handshake. Porcelain.

41.  Shelly Horton-Trippe. Transplanted Okie. Terracotta.

42.  Rebecca Humpherys. Writing Box. Burled walnut, brass, glass.

43.  Ronda Kasl. Bowl. Porcelain.

44.  Betty Kidson. Misty Forest. Fiber.

45.  Deborah Knight. Pas de Deux Plus One. Ceramic.

46.  Charles Laws. Flyaway Drawing. Ceramic.

47.  Keith Lewis. Brooch No. 1. Mixed.

48.  Keith Lewis. Brooch No. 2. Mixed.

49.  Steve Liggett. Celadon Bottle No. 1. Porcelain.

50.  Steve Liggett. Celadon Bottle No. 2. Porcelain.

51.  Steve Liggett. Black Bowl. Raku.

52.  Ron Lodes. Tri-Metal Box. Copper, brass, silver, Plexiglas.

53.  Illene Lynd. Oh Dear. Batik.

54.  Illene Lynd. Untitled. Batik.

55.  Dena Madole. Shell Form. Fiber.

56.  Donna Matles. Pendant. Sterling silver, constructed, malachite, pearls.

57.  Mia McEldowney. Untitled No. 1. Porcelain.

58.  Mia McEldowney. Untitled No. 2. Porcelain.

59.  Mia McEldowney. Untitled No. 3. Porcelain.

60.  Bryan McGrath. Cup & Saucer. Raku.

61.  Bryan McGrath. Casserole. Stoneware.

62.  Dana Mozer. Sacrificial Hibachi. Clay.

63.  Marilyn Murphy. Cactus Hat. Fabric & Light.

64.  V’Lou Oliveira. Untitled. Mixed.

65.  V’Lou Oliveira. Okie Tornado No. 1. Mixed.

66.  Bob Perkins. Tree Plate No. 1. Salt-glazed stoneware.

67.  Bob Perkins. Tree Plate No. 2. Salt-glazed stoneware.

68.  Kathy Raeside. Gray Cloud. Fiber.

69.  John Rhoades. Red Vase. Earthenware.

70.  John Rhoades. White Bowl. Earthenware.

71.  Terry Salzmann. Bowl. Copper.

72.  Terry Salzmann. Bowl. Copper, brass.

73.  Robert Sieg. Hat Man. Wood.

74.  Robert Sieg. Piggy-Back. Enamel.

75.  Mark Silvers. Wine Goblets. Stoneware.

76.  Mark Silvers. Bowl. Stoneware.

77.  Francille Simmons. Blue Northerner. Fiber.

78.  Francille Simmons. And In Green Waves… Fiber.

79.  Frank Simmons. Black Breasts Bowl. Clay.

80.  J.H. Singer. A Little Night Music. Fiber & feathers.

81.  Dan Steinke. Double Wall Bowl. Raku.

82.  Francis Stephen. Jewel Box. Mixed.

83.  Francis Stephen. Hoop Dancer. Weaving.

84.  Paul Sweeney. Untitled. Raku.

85.  Harriet Dodge-Traurig. Teapot. Porcelain.

86.  Barbara Walter. Shooting Gallery Pull Toy. Metal.

87.  Barbara Walter. Safari Neckpiece. Metal.

88.  Leslie Waugh. Cow Jigsaw Puzzle. Gator board.