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Blacksmithing: German and American

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Blacksmithing: German and American

January 17 – February 19


Fifty pieces in wrought iron, 25 German and 25 American, representing contemporary work of blacksmiths is on display in the Museum’s Lower Gallery.


The art of blacksmithing is growing again in America after near extinction in the late 1960’s. The formation of a national art-blacksmithing group in 1973 has recently greatly promoted this art and the many books and demonstration-conventions of the last ten years have grough blacksmithing to its former importance as both a functional craft and form of sculptural art.


The German craftsmen have always been active in blacksmithing, keeping the art alive despite the industrialization since World War II. Smiths have gone to work repairing heavy equipment, restoring damaged works of the past and decorating churches and public buildings.


This exhibition, sponsored by the Goethe Institution, Houston, deals with contemporary forms of the medium, with a rustic quality counterbalanced by functionality and simplicity. The works include modern implements, folk art, wrought iron for architecture, art objects, and metal sculpture.