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Indian Paintbrush

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Indian Paintbrush

August 29 – September 19


The exhibition of the collection, Indian Paintbrush, honors the outstanding achievements of our country’s Native American painters. Indian paintings are unique treasures of America’s artistic heritage, a legacy which helps us to understand and appreciate the cultural and aesthetic values of the Indian world. Today, as in the past, Indian painting is distinguished by its spiritual integrity and energy.


Indian Paintbrush includes the work or artists from throughout the Southwest, but the focus of the collection is the art of Oklahoma’s Indian painters. Included in the exhibition are examples of the work of the Kiowas, the first Oklahoma Indian painters to be celebrated in Europe and the United States, several outstanding paintings by Jerome Tiger, the brilliant artist whose work and brief life are already legendary, and paintings by contemporary artists who express their vision of the Indian in America today.


The Indian Paintbrush collection was initially formed by Nettie Wheeler, a Muskogee woman, who devoted her life to supporting and encouraging individual American Indian artists and to teaching Americans to understand and value the beauty and spirituality of Indian painting. The Philips Petroleum Company acquired this collection in 1980 from the Wheeler family in order to make it available to the general public.


Artists represented in complete collection:

  • Spencer Asah
  • Lorencita Atencio
  • Awa Tsireh (Alphonso Roybal)
  • Fred Beaver
  • Harrison Begay
  • Timothy Begay
  • Acee Blue Eagle
  • Manuel “Bob” Chavez
  • Robert Chee
  • Chiu-Tah (Vincente Mirabal)
  • Doc Tate Nevaquaya
  • Eah-Ha-Wa (Eva Mirabal)
  • Ha-So-De (Narciso Abeyta)
  • Fred Kabotie
  • Kai-Sa (Percy Tsisete Sandy)
  • Ku-pe-ru (Theodore Suina)
  • Ma-Pe-Wi (Velino Shije Herrera)
  • Frank Martínez
  • Julian Martínez
  • R. Martínez
  • Waldo Mootzka
  • Stephen Mopope
  • Raymond Naha
  • Gerald Nailor
  • Ignatius Palmer
  • Pina Yo Pin (Thómas Vigil)
  • (Poneoma) Otis Polelonema
  • Po Qui Tsireh (Telfilo Tafoua)
  • Puheya
  • Quah Ah (Tonita Peña)
  • Ben Quintana
  • N. Sumatzkuku
  • Quincy Tahoma
  • Jerome Tiger
  • Jose Rey Toledo
  • Moroe TsaToke
  • Andrew Tsihnahjinnie
  • Donald Vann
  • Romando Vigil
  • Roland Whitehorse
  • Wo Peen (Louis Gonzales)
  • Beatien Yazz (Jimmy Toddy)