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Karen Strom and Stephen Strom – Photographs

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Karen Strom and Stephen Strom – Photographs

December 4 – 23


Each of the Stroms has developed their own distinctive visual language to describe their relationship to the art of photography and the landscape.


Stephen works with color materials and is attracted to the subtleties of the landscape and patterns created by natural forces and man’s intervention. Each of the the elegant small prints attests to his ability and gift for observation.


Karen’s black and white prints, through a process of multiple negatives and masks, convey what she feels is the reality of the landscape as she sees it. In integration the multiple aspects of the landscape into a single vision, she hopes to invoke a similar emotional and intellectual experience in the viewer.


Both Karen and Stephen Strom have earned degrees in astronomy – Karen, a former Oklahoman, from M.I.T. and Stephen from Harvard. They now reside in Tucson, Arizona.