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99th Annual Student Exhibition

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January 18 – February 10

Nancy Johnston Records Gallery

Public opening reception: Friday, January 18; 7-9 p.m.


This competitive juried show is held each spring and highlights the diverse works of art created by art and art history students from the University of Oklahoma. Multiple awards with cash prizes are presented to students, including the top award, the T.G. Mays Purchase Award, which is offered to a student whose artwork becomes a part of the museum’s permanent collection. This year’s guest judge is Tony Tiger, the Director of the Arts at Bacone College in Muskogee, Oklahoma. All the awards will be announced at the opening reception at 8 pm.


Download the press release here.


Click here to see a photo gallery of the 99th Annual School of Art and Art History Student Exhibition.




Here is a list of this year's winners:

Excellence in Photography Award

Sarah Engel – City of Cyclone, Middle Plains Government of the Kingship of the Independent Stronghold Nation of Kansas, 2378


Juror’s Choice Award

Kim Rice – Bassinet


Award for Excellence in Printmaking

Alexa Healey – It’s a Trap!


Visual Art Student Association’s Award for Excellence

Dayton Clark – Remedium (Michael)


Red Clay Faction Awards for Excellence

Lydia Cheshewalla – Globes I-VII

Angela Rodriguez – Cathedral Teapot with Mug II


Film & Video Award

Molly Youngblood – Interchange


Excellence in Design Award

Keith Kerr – A Title Sequence: Mystery Train


John R. Potts Jr. Sculpture Award

Spencer Ulm – Framing II

Rani Cozad – Home Sweet Hive


Norman Arts Council Awards

Rick Schultz – Jin Shu

Matthew Kaney – Self-Burning Book


FJJMA Docent Awards

Jessica Wilson – An American Revolution

Ally Burt– Collective Work


FJJMA Museum Association Award

Elliott Robbins – Pantokrator


T.G. Mays Purchase Award

Jessica Tankersley – Coordinate Retriever


Oscar Jacobson Award

Christopher Fleming – Shift