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Stare Stare Stereo

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Stare Stare Stereo

Thompson/Welpott images

By placing two images together, an immediate dichotomy is created, a conversation of comparison and contrast is fostered and an emphasis on looking and connoisseurship is elevated. This is the core objective of the student-curated exhibition Stare Stare Stereo. This exhibition positions sets of two images from the museum’s permanent collection for the viewer to first appreciate and analyze individually, then compare and contrast. Visitors are invited to look and analyze the complex con- struction or design of a photograph. With no ultimate right or wrong answers, each pairing remains open to analysis and encourages a different interpretation after each viewing.

Nesom/Payne Images
Carlyle/Nesom Images
Ken Carlyle 'Untitled'
Nesom 'Driveway England'
Payne 'Roller Coaster'
Nesom 'Clergy at Stonehenge'
Welpott 'Untitled'
Thompson 'Figure in the Landscape: Hall of Learning'