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Susan Contreras

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Susan Contreras On the Loose

January 29, 2011 - February 20, 2011

The Jerome M. & Wanda Otey Westeheimer Distinguished Visiting Chair: Susan Contreras

Susan Contreras, artist, next to two paintings holding white mice


This exhibition shows the diversity and creativity of Susan Contreras, how she gets her inspiration from the animal kingdom and keeps her sense of humor in realizing beautiful and colorful works of art. Her sensitivity speaks to adults and children while establishing a nice dialogue with students. Several of the very large canvases have been utilized specifically to fit the Sandy Bell Gallery at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art.


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Artist Susan Contreras in her Santa Fe studio.

Photo by Robert Walch

clown eating pasta with dogs surrounding person
people walking through rain, raining cats and dogs
painting, person behind clothes line with birds flying around
clown holding cat with pins in cats head
mice dressed like clowns jumping around
people dressed as clowns watching three others playing pool, two look like clowns, one looks like a cat